Fitness Program

21 Day Mind/Body Detox

Designed to get you back on track looking and feeling your best. Your true path to wellness starts here.

It Includes:

1-3 day pre-program mind/body cleanse, including bone broth protocol.

3 weeks of the structured daily content including:

  • Morning Energy Management to Inspire and Motivate
  • 20 Minute Express Workouts including: Yoga, Pilates, Tone & Flow, HIIT, Core/Booty, Strength Training, & Flexibility
  • Nutrition Guidance/Healthy Recipes
  • Bedtime 5 Minute Guided Meditations
  • SkinCare/Beauty Lessons
  • Grocery Shopping List

Price: $349


" Fantastic experience! The fitness has exceeded my expectations, and Kelly has been wonderful. She’s always on hand to answer any questions and gives plenty of encouragement. The videos are especially helpful, so you know you’re on the right track. Highly efficient. Would highly recommend it to anyone."



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