Fitness Program

21 Day Digital Health Retreat

Designed to get you back on track looking and feeling your best. Your true path to wellness starts here.

It Includes:

1-3 day pre-program mind/body cleanse, including bone broth protocol.

3 weeks of the structured daily content including:

  • Morning Energy Management to Inspire and Motivate
  • 20 Minute Express Workouts including: Yoga, Pilates, Tone & Flow, HIIT, Core/Booty, Strength Training, & Flexibility
  • Nutrition Guidance/Healthy Recipes
  • Bedtime 5 Minute Guided Meditations
  • SkinCare/Beauty Lessons
  • Grocery Shopping List

Price: $349


" This program works! I noticed improvements in my body almost immediately during the pre-program cleanse and it helps me reset and reduce stress so I feel my best!